Organic breakfast : the anti-craze...

Being thoroughgoing fifty-year-old people, we've had plenty of time to indeed question ourselves about a responsible, reasonable way of eating. We won't therefore change our old habits and will offer you an organic-based breakfast.


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Food intolerances

The Master of the house has Coeliaque disease (allergy to gluten) and the Mistress is intolerant to raw cow milk (yoghurts and warm milk). So you are at home with people that do accept food intolerances !

Members of the AFDIAG.


What will you eat / drink ?!

Green or black tea, herbal tea, coffee (all made with filtered water), warm cocoa with cow milk, almond and/or hazelnut milk or soya milk with vanilla.

Cereals with or without gluten, bread with or without gluten, sandwich loaf, crisp breads with or without gluten. Boiled eggs. Slightly salted butter. 3 kinds of jam. Honey... Various juices, among which prune and carrot juice.

Depending on days : rice pudding, chocolate cake with chestnut flour, hazelnut / almond / chocolate / vanilla cream without milk and without gluten, "financier" cookies... Buns and croissants (non-organic !).

Free mineral water.